Thursday, March 11, 2010

Outfits for Parties

It's fun to have the guest of honor wear a special outfit for his or her birthday party. While a fancy, frilly dress or a cute little shirt and tie may look super adorable, they're usually not very practical clothes for a birthday party. (Especially as the kids get older - think pizza sauce, juice, and grass stains!!) One simple but really cute idea is to get a T-shirt that says "Birthday Boy" or "Birthday Girl" on the front. One website that has a lot of really cute, fun birthday T-shirts is You can also check out Here's a photo of my daughter Rebecca wearing a "Birthday Girl" T-shirt from Gymboree on her 2nd birthday:

Another one of my favorite ideas is to have the child wear an outfit that goes along with the theme of the party. For example, a princess dress for a princess party, or a baseball uniform for a baseball themed party. You can also dress the child in a shirt featuring their favorite character for a character-themed party. Here's my daughter Lauren wearing an Ariel outfit at her Little Mermaid party:

I've thrown a few parties with more "abstract" themes, and it's been fun finding outfits for my girls to wear. Lauren's first birthday had a watermelon theme (since her birthday is in July), so she wore a pink plaid bubble with watermelons on the collar. I was also able to find a cute pair of Robeez shoes with watermelons on them! So adorable. Ebay is a great source for this type of party; just do a search for the theme of your party and the size and style of outfit you're looking for, and you're bound to find something! (i.e. watermelon dress 12-18 months) I also think it's fun to dress siblings in coordinated outfits. Here are my three girls at Charlotte's first birthday party, which had a cherry theme (you can't see Charlotte's shoes in this picture, but they were Robeez with a cherry design!):

Not only does a special birthday outfit make your child stand out from the crowd, but it also ties everything together and makes for some GREAT photographs! Have fun!!

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