Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cake Craziness!!

During the past two weeks I've had the wonderful (and crazy!) experience of creating three very detailed and special birthday cakes! The first one was the treasure chest cake I made for my daughter Rebecca's pirate party last Saturday. (You can see a photo in the post below.) I also had the pleasure of making a Lego cake for my friend Penny's son Aiden, who turned 6 last week. I started by building a small model with real Legos, so I could figure out the proportions of the Lego blocks and how I wanted to stack them. It was neat to see this cake come to life. Most importantly, the birthday boy loved it!

Finally, this week I made a really fun cake for my daughter's best friend Claire, who celebrated her 7th birthday with a camping-themed sleepover. I made a tent out of cake, then built a small "fire ring" out of yogurt raisins and created a "campfire" out of red and yellow fondant. However, the most enjoyable part of this cake was making the little campers! There were 5 girls attending the party, so I created 5 little girls that looked like them. (The birthday girl is the brown-haired girl on the left in the yellow sleeping bag. ) The sleeping bags are individual cakes covered with fondant in all different colors and designs. So each girl got to have their own little cake that looked like them! As you can imagine, they were thrilled. :)

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