Monday, May 17, 2010

More birthdays!!

This weekend I had the pleasure of celebrating TWO birthdays - my husband Brian and my good friend Kelly. Brian wanted a giant chocolate chip cookie in lieu of a cake, but of course I had to decorate it somehow, so I made a little man out of fondant and put it on top of the cookie. My daughters helped decorate the border with some chocolate candies. I think it turned out pretty cute. (Not to mention tasty!)

Kelly requested one of my very FAVORITE cakes for her birthday: lemon-lime cake with pineapple curd. So yummy. This cake is usually just served with pineapple curd spread all over the top, but again, I just can't pass up a chance to decorate! I covered the top with blue frosting, added a little frog sitting on a lily pad, and stuck in a few of Kelly's very favorite animal - ladybugs!!!

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