Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fondant Alternative

Fondant is a wonderful thing. It is bendable, shapeable, and cuttable, can be colored, painted, and drawn on, and it gives a smooth, flawless finish to a cake. However, not everyone likes the taste of fondant. Upon receiving a piece of cake with fondant, most people peel it off and set it to the side, where it becomes destined for the trash can. So, for all you fondant-haters, there is another decorating option that may be more appealing....shapes made from melted candy wafers! I used this technique on my "Methodist cupcakes," seen in a previous post. I got the idea from the "Whimsical Bakehouse" cookbook. They don't use much fondant - their cakes are mainly frosted with colored buttercream and then decorated with all manner of things created out of melted candy. Flowers, dots, animals, candles, stars, etc. I decided to try out a few of the bugs I saw on one of the cakes in the book. Here are my finished products. Pretty neat, huh? (And they taste good, too - my daughters and I gobbled these fellas up right after this photo was taken!)

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