Sunday, August 1, 2010

Water Party Fun!!

It seems that summer is the season of water-themed birthday parties! My oldest daughter was invited to one last week, she had her own water party yesterday, went to another one today, and we have two more next weekend! It's an easy way to have a super fun birthday party that requires little to no effort on the parents' part. (Yay for that!) We set up a big inflatable water slide in our backyard, which my daughters and her friends had a blast playing on at our party yesterday. But you don't need anything fancy or expensive to have success with a water party: a sprinkler, slip'n'slide, or a simple plastic pool will do the trick just fine! You could also set up a water table for younger kids to play with. A big plastic tub and a fishing set are a hit with the toddler crowd as well. Older kids enjoy a good old-fashioned water balloon toss, or a water gun fight! A party held at the community pool is fun, too...just make sure that a few parents stick around to help, so that you don't end up being solely responsible for the safety of a bunch of kids in the pool! Another idea is to check with your local water parks and see if they offer a "birthday party package." I know there are several in my area that have great facilities and pretty affordable party deals. But if you want to go cheap and easy (like me!), just turn on the hose and have the party in your backyard!

Here's my birthday girl Lauren going down the slide:

And here's the ice cream cake that I made for her. (My own daughter doesn't like cake!! What's up with that???)

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