Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cake Pops

Last week a friend of mine was telling me about "cake pops" and she asked me if I had ever made them. Well, I had never even heard of them, so I had to go check them out on Bakerella (a.k.a. Angie Dudley) has a book coming out this fall called "Cake Pops," featuring a bunch of really cute decorating ideas for these little cake balls on a stick. I had a few cupcakes leftover from a recent party, so I decided to use them in my first attempt at making cake pops. They are super easy to make - basically you just crumble up your cake, stir in a blob of frosting, and then roll the mixture into balls. You put them in the freezer to harden them up, then put a stick in them and dip them in melted candy wafers. Bakerella's website has all kinds of cute ways to decorate them, but I just did a basic "dip and sprinkle." The color in the photo is darker than real life - the candy wafers I used were a lavender purple color.

They turned out really cute, especially for something so easy to do. As for how they tasted, much as I love cake, I have to be honest and say that I didn't love the cake pops. Their consistency was squishy and soft, and they basically tasted like a mouthful of frosting with cake crumbs mixed in it. Blech. I'll stick with traditional cake, thank you very much! Although I have to say that my three daughters did not share my opinion. They gobbled them up and proclaimed them delicious!

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