Sunday, October 3, 2010

Blue Dog Cake

This weekend I was asked to make a "blue dog" cake for twin girls who were turning 7.  (Not a Blue's Clues dog, just a blue dog.)  The mom gave me complete creative freedom (love that!) and I had so much fun figuring out how to make this cake.  I baked several 9-inch layers of vanilla cake (tinted blue) and carved them this way and that to create the body parts of the dog.  Then I "glued" the parts together with buttercream, coated the entire cake with buttercream, and covered it with shredded coconut to create the "fur."  I used the leftover cake to make a little dog bowl, and then sculpted some bones and dog toys out of fondant.  The bones say "Megan" and "Bronwyn," the names of the birthday girls. :)  The dog's features were also made of fondant.  So...(drum roll please!) is the finished creation:

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