Saturday, January 8, 2011

Kirby Cake

This cake decorating thing has been a very educational experience for me - not just because I'm learning new decorating skills and techniques, but also because sometimes people ask me to make a cake that involves characters or themes of which I am previously unaware.  In this case, I'm referring to a little pink blob who goes by the name of Kirby.  Apparently he's a character in a video game for the Nintendo DS (yet another thing that I have no clue about!)  I was asked by a friend to make a Kirby/DS themed cake for her 7-year-old son Jason.  Thankfully she sent me a photo of a cake she liked, and I was also able to find some pictures of Kirby and various DS systems on the internet for reference.  I made the Kirby and DS out of rice krispy treats, let them dry and harden for a few days, and then covered them with fondant.  I printed out the Kirby game screen shots on card stock and stuck them onto the DS.  The cake is two tiers: one strawberry and one chocolate, frosted with vanilla buttercream and decorated with fondant details.  I was really psyched about how it turned out.  I have to admit that I was kind of sad to  give Kirby away, since we just met and all. :) Plus he's so darn cute!  But I gladly handed him off when the birthday boy saw the cake and exclaimed, "Wow!  He looks just like Kirby!" (Score!)  Happy Birthday, Jason!!

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