Saturday, February 19, 2011

Club Penguin Undersea Adventure!

This was a super fun project for me.  Leila, the birthday girl, is a big fan of Club Penguin, and she wanted a Club Penguin cake, complete with her personal penguin avatar (a princess ninja penguin!) and some puffles (colorful little fluffy balls with eyes).  Her birthday party theme, however, was an "under the sea" party, so Mom suggested that perhaps the penguin could be having an undersea adventure?  Leila also requested a dolphin swimming out of a shell. it is!  A penguin hanging out with a bunch of sea creatures, accompanied by puffle cupcakes!!  The cake on top is yellow almond amaretto cake (YUM) and the cupcakes are kid-friendly vanilla. :)

P.S. My super awesome dad MADE the cupcake stand!!!  Doesn't it look great?  It has layers in several different sizes that can be switched in and out depending on how big a stand I need.  How cool is that???

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