Sunday, May 22, 2011

Three Cake Weekend - DONE!!! :)

Whew!  The past few days have been super intense, filled with hours of baking, frosting, and decorating three elaborate cakes that were all due on the same day!  Not to mention that one of them was decorated with fresh flowers, which required me to individually cut and wrap each stem with floral tape.  I have always had pretty good time management skills, but weeks like this really put them to the test!  In addition to all the many hours that it took me to get these cakes done, I also have to find time to run errands, do chores, exercise, cook dinner, do laundry, wash dishes...oh yeah, and take care of three young children! :) Needless to say, time management is crucial to my success, both as a baker and as a mom!  Anyway, here are the cakes that I successfully produced this week:

Cake #1: Super hero cake for a little boy turning 7.  The bottom tier is chocolate, and the top is vanilla.  It's frosted with vanilla buttercream and has fondant decorations.

Cake #2: Birthday cake for my friend Kelly, who is a ladybug fanatic.  It's a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and fondant decorations.

Cake #3: My first wedding cake!!!  It's three tiers: 14" chocolate cake with chocolate filling, 10" vanilla cake, and 6" vanilla cake.  The whole thing is frosted with vanilla buttercream and adorned with fresh flowers.  I am sooooo happy with how it turned out!!!

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  1. This was my wedding cake and I LOVED it! It was everything I wanted and more. The BEST part of this cake was the TASTE!! So delicious! Thank you Party Fairy!!