General Pricing Guidelines for Decorated Cakes:

6" round cake (feeds 6-8 people) - $40
8" round cake (feeds 12-18 people) - $65
9" round cake or 9"x13" sheet cake (feeds 16-20 people) - $80
10" round cake (feeds 20-30 people) - $95
11"x15" sheet cake (feeds 35-50 people) - $120
Two-tier cake with 6" and 9" rounds (feeds 50+ people): $150

These are just general pricing guidelines.  Cakes with fillings and/or specialty flavors will cost slightly more.  The final cost of a cake is dependent on the size of the cake, the materials and ingredients used, and how complicated the design is.  You can email me with your "dream cake" idea and I'll be happy to give you a quote!

1st Birthday "Smash Cake" (6" round layer cake): $40

Mini Cupcakes: Regular minis are $1.00 each; specialty flavors and minis with fondant decorations are $1.50 each.  Minimum order for mini cupcakes is 24 per flavor.

Cupcakes:  Regular cupcakes are $2.00; filled and specialty cupcakes are $3.00 each.  Fondant decorations are an additional $1.00 per cupcake.  Minimum order for cupcakes is 12 per flavor.

Jumbo Cupcake (often used as a smash cake for 1st birthdays): $10.00

Gluten-free, Egg-free, and/or Dairy-free Cakes:  These usually cost $10-$20 more than regular cakes, due to the higher cost of ingredients.  If you require an allergy-friendly cake, please email me and I can give you a more exact quote.  (Nut-free cakes follow my regular pricing guidelines.)

Cake Delivery:  I offer free delivery to locations within 5 miles of my home in Burke, VA.  Otherwise there is a delivery fee to cover the cost of gas ($0.50 per mile round trip).