Baby Shower Cake

Rachel, not only was the cake such a big hit for the decorating, but everyone raved about the taste as well.  To be honest, most times when I have something like this, I struggle to get rid of the leftovers because most of us ladies don’t want the extra calories.  I had folks almost fighting over who got to take the remaining cake – the mother-to-be won!!  I was absolutely thrilled and would be more than happy to give you a recommendation any time.  Thanks for making the shower even more special.  

Princess Castle Cake

Thanks so much - the cake was a huge hit; everyone was so impressed...and beyond looking beautiful, it tasted WONDERFUL!! I can't thank you enough - it was truly a "princess party" and fit for a princess!!!

Christening Cake

Hi Rachel,
I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful Christening cake that you made for our daughter. It was so gorgeous and the flavor was amazing. People were talking about it all night! It was better than I ever expected! I took lots of photos, it really was a wonderful cake!

Princess Bear Cake

Hi Rachel,
All I can say is WOW!!!  The cake you did was perfect!!  We all loved it - I didn't want to cut it!  We especially loved the special touches to the crown with the 7 on it and the little pearls - and the sparkly glitter over the whole cake!  Everyone noticed the glitter!  I just assumed the bear would be icing, I never thought of fondant - I loved it way more in the fondant, the details were great!  It's my favorite cake of all Faith's birthdays (and my favorite cake of Grace's is the neon one you made last year with the ten on it). You truly have a gift! Thank you for such a special cake - see you again in June!

Olivia Cake

Thank you so much for the wonderful Olivia cake you made for Lily's 4th birthday. She absolutely loved it! Everyone thought it was adorable - and delicious! You are truly talented :)

Sweet 16 Princess Cake

Rachel, Rachel, Rachel....WOW! I loved how beautiful the cake was, and then - I tasted it. I have always approached a cake believing that it was there simply to hold the icing. The cake was phenomenal. Wow. Yum.

Topsy Turvy Circus Cake

The cake was very tasty! It really was a shame to cut the work of art but everyone enjoyed it. William was disappointed he could not have it for breakfast when he saw the leftovers on the counter this morning. He also liked the little animals so I suspect we will be keeping those. :)

Thanks again for such a beautiful looking and great tasting cake. We got a lot of compliments and great photos. I will definitely pass your information along to anyone interested in an awesome cake for their next party.

Gingerbread House Cake

Dear Rachel,
Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that the cake was a huge hit at last nite’s party!  It looked beautiful displayed on the dessert table, and was a lot of fun as each of the girls searched out their names on the cake and debated which gingerbread girl most resembled their choice in attire. Plus, the chocolate cake was SO delicious.  Please share the recipe with me as I am always looking for tasty desserts that my food allergic daughter can safely eat.  Thank you for all of the creativity and hard work that you devoted to making the cake such a hit!

40th Birthday Cake

Dear Rachel-
That WAS a darn good chocolate cake!  Your work drew raves from our crowd and we were so happy with the cake. You hit it out of the park.   I am looking forward to our next excuse to celebrate something with a cake!

Jimmy Buffett Cupcakes

The cupcakes were a hit! He absolutely loved them, and they were delicious! We can't wait to work with you for many future birthdays and occasions. :) Thank you again so much, and I will definitely be spreading the good word about you to my friends!

Bowling Birthday Cake for 8-year-old girl

Hi Rachel -
I just wanted to let you know that the cake was AWESOME!!!!  The kids had as much fun staring at the cake as they did bowling!  Another complete success!  Thanks again.

Kirby Birthday Cake for 7-year-old boy

"Wow!" I heard that word over and over again during my 7 year old son's birthday party. A typical video game loving 7 year old boy, my son really wanted a cake about his favorite game. He thought I would get a few "Kirby" figurines and decorate a cake for his video themed birthday party. But, instead I asked Rachel to make us a cake -- and I am so glad I did. The cake was awesome! The attention to detail was amazing and most importantly, my son really loved it. When I posted the pictures on Facebook it received many compliments -- no wonder -- it was an incredible job. And, it tasted so good too. One of our layers was strawberry and I recommend that a lot! Thanks so much to Rachel for helping to make it such a great party!

40th Birthday Cake

The cake was delicious - I had only a couple pieces left over! Everyone loved it! The party was very fun. Thanks for contributing to a great night!

Unicorn Cake for 6-year-old girl 

Hi Rachel,
Just wanted to tell you that the unicorn cake was a huge hit.  I've never had kids asking for seconds!  It really was both delicious and pretty.  Faith loved it!  I gave out your cards to the folks asking for your information.  Thanks for such a great cake!  We have a tiny bit left over and we're all fighting over it..... :)

Harry Potter Cake for 7-year-old boy

Hi Rachel,
The cake was a huge hit!!!  The kids loved the HP Jacob and all the HP items on the cake!  The cake tasted great, and the size was perfect!  Thanks again for making Jacob's birthday cake so special!

Mickey Mouse Cakes for twin boys

The cakes were wonderful - the boys loved them! All of the kids who attended the party thought it was cool to get their own Mickey Mouse on each cupcake, too. Thank you so much for a job well done!

Pink Ladybug Cake for 1-year-old girl

We loved our daughter's first birthday cake!  I asked Rachel to do a pink lady bug cake and was blown away when she delivered it. I told her I didn't want to eat it because it was so beautiful!!  I am glad we did eat it though because it was delicious!  The cake was definitely a hit and we were so pleased. We are looking forward to another cake by the Party Fairy!

Star Wars Lego cake

Thank you so much for your awesome work for Aidan's party. The cake was a huge hit as were the goodie bags. We will be getting in touch with you in a couple months for Emily's cake.  We really appreciate your help, and I'll tell anyone in earshot that they ought to call you if they are planning a party.
Thanks again.

Pink and Black Birthday Cake for 11-year-old girl

Thanks so much Rachel. The cake was as delicious as it was beautiful.
All the girls took pictures of it!

Barbie Cake for 7-year-old girl

Dear Mrs. E -
I really like my cake. I liked all the fondant you put on for Zuma and also the Happy Birthday letters - it was like candy! And you also used my favorite kind of frosting. My favorite part of the cake was Barbie. It was so cool that you could put her on a surfboard!
Thank you!

Birthday Party for 4-year-old boy and 6-year-old girl

Thank you so much Rachel for helping me with the Birthday party this morning. Everyone had a wonderful time. Adrienne even told me “Mommy, I loved the games!” We were supposed to play outside and due to the rain we had to stay indoors, but you came up with great and thoughtful games! You saved the day!!! You are the party fairy!

Fish Cake for a summer pool party

Rachel..the cake was absolutely AWESOME! The kids (and parents too) LOVED the cake decorations. The kids were all shouting out what color fish they wanted:) And I have to admit, we adults were skeptical about the taste of the cake...because typically the really cool looking cakes don't always taste that great. Well, yours was the winning combination.............LOOKED and TASTED wonderful!
Thanks SO very much for doing all that work........it was GREAT!!!

Lego Cake for a 6-year-old boy

Hi Rachel,
The cake was a huge hit! The kids loved it and so did the parents. It was delicious. We still have some left and it is so moist! YUM! Thank you so much!

Invitations for a 4-year-old girl's birthday party

Thank you for the *ADORABLE* invitations! We just love them! Everyone who received one of Amy's birthday invitations commented on how cute they are! :)

Sleepover Cake for a 7-year-old girl

Thanks so much for the amazing cake you made for Claire's 7th birthday! It was a huge hit, all the girls loved that they had their own personal cake that looked just like them. The attention to detail was incredible and we had a great time just looking at it. But, not only did it look terrific it tasted yummy too!
Thanks again for doing such a great job!